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Electric cooker installation

I am thinking of changing from a gas cooker to an electric, at the moment I have a normal single socket at the back of my cooker which is operated from a cooker socket at the side of my cooker although at the minute is only used for the ignition. I am wondering if I will need an electrician to install my new cooker, thank-you.

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From the information given, it sounds as though your cooker is already wired as a separate circuit, and at some time in the past, had a single socket fitted instead of a cooker connection unit.

Whether or not you need an electrician depends on what type of cooker you purchase. Some cookers now come with a pre-wired 13 amp plugtop. If this is the case, you can just plug the new cooker in.

If however, your new cooker does not come pre-wired, you will need an electrician to change the single socket to a cooker connection unit, carry out some safety testing, and issue a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate. You should expect to pay between £70-£100 for this work, inclusive of the materials.

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Brendan Mines


Answered 20th Aug 2015

Provided that you have the right size cable in place then to get a 32amp Cooker connected you'd be looking at around £35.


Answered 21st Aug 2015

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