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Installing extra sockets in 5 rooms

Can anyone advise the cost of installing new sockets in rooms around a house. Would be two reception rooms and 3 bedrooms, just requiring 2-3 extra sockets in each room, possible replace a few light fittings as well. House also requires new consumer unit. House is a 1930s semi with floorboards and carpets laid.

thanks for the response below. Do the condition reports cost money to undertake?

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Its always advisable to get an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)carried out as they can be invaluable. Its often the case with older properties where the wiring has not been tested for 10 years of more that poor readings are obtained which is san indicator that the cables are old/damaged. Similarly faults that are detected can then be addressed, the end result being a much safer installation.

As an EICR takes around 2 - 3 hours to complete it is something that is normally paid for (typically around £100 - £120). Some electricians offer a refund of the cost of the EICR is substantial works are required and this is then undertaken by them. (e.g. you have an EICR carried out and find out that the wiring is in very poor condition and is 40+ years old, so you opt to have a full rewire at £3000, but job is discounted to £2900. Therefore making the initial EICR free)


Answered 21st Aug 2015


You would looking around £400 for a dual RCD consumer unit for a 17th Edition Amendment 3 depending the number of ways. Cost wise for your sockets you would be looking around £1200 that's chased into the wall and made good. My advice to you would be to have a Electrical Installation Condition Report done before hand this will highlight any problems on existing circuits especially if the wiring is original from when the house was built. There are two reasons for this one is that it gives you a better idea of the condition of your existing wiring therefore eliminating costly unknown faults that your existing consumer unit does not pick up. Second is that being 1930's house if the house has not recently been rewired with the amount of additional sockets it would be more cost affective in the long run to consider a rewire. Hope that helps

Kelvin Partridge
Iconnect Electrical Solutions


Answered 19th Aug 2015

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