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Extending an existing shed base

Hi - I have an existing base, which is approx. 14x7 ft, which had an old shed on it. It's a concrete base, with paving slabs on top. The slabs are not perfectly even, but they are decent enough. There are then 2 steps down to the ground level.

I want to purchase a new larger shed - which is 16x8ft. Therefore I would like to extend the existing base - by 1 foot width wise, and by 2 foot length wise (taking over the steps.)

I am a novice - but willing to give the job a go myself, but have some simple questions!

1. If I construct a frame around the extended area, using some supported softwood, if I dig down, lay some hardcore, compress it, then pour in concrete - would this be OK i.e. not finishing off with paving slabs?

2. Or - should I finish with paving slabs (more work, but wouldn't concrete be sufficient given it's all hidden anyway?)

3. I am a bit worried about the wood holding up to the weight of the concrete once poured - I will try my best to support the wood and screw into some vertical supports - but would I be better constructing a small wall (not sure if this is easier / harder for an amateur?)

Lot's of questions, just looking for a bit of support and a nod in the right direction before I proceed with what I think should be a do-able job?

Pics available if it helps.

Many thanks,

Chris Storey
(Banstead, Surrey)

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Hi Chris
you seem to be on the right track, just need a nod. Your first solution is fine, just build a shutter to the size of the new base using any planks and hold up with stakes (1x1) driven in to the ground on the outside every 2 foot or so depending on the thickness of your shutter. the shutter top should be level with the existing base height. then compact hardcore to within 1 inch from the top of shutter, pour concrete mix 4-1 and tamp down, smooth of using a float and give it a couple of days to harden, dont pour concrete in cold conditions under 5 degrees day and night temp, if you want there are loads of vids on utube good luck

Answered 14th Jan 2016

Hand 4 Hire Ltd

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