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Hello i am wondering if an electrician would charge a day rate or price per item needed doing?

Hello I am wondering if an Electrician would charge a day rate or price per item needed doing? This is what I need doing?
8x Radiators Out
4x Storage Heaters Out
2x Wall Lights Taken Out - Living Room
2x Wall Lights Installed - Living Room
2x Ceiling Lights Installed - Living Room
Plug Socket added to Conservatory
Extractor Hood Installed
Cooker Installed
Hob Installed
Dishwasher Installed
Ceiling Spotlight Installed in Bathroom
Outside Light Installed

Any advice you can give or a rough price would be fab so I know what to budget? The property is in Martham - NR29

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Most Electricians work using either. Normally most prefer to quote a fixed price for the whole job, and some will itemise the cost of each task on your list.

Day rates are more common for longer jobs and situations where the client is providing all the materials, such that all that is required is the Electricians time.

I don't know about Norwich rates, but in London your looking at around £25 per hour (£200 per day)


Answered 18th Aug 2015

Your are looking around £200-250 a day but as stated most electricians would price it as a job.

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Answered 20th Aug 2015

Typically if a tradesman is pricing from paper he will apply a price per item.
After the tradesman has looked at the project on site he should be able to give you a more accurate price, then in turn a discount on his price per item quote. I would personally always get a fixed price for all of the work required. A day rate does not necessarily mean you will get a better standard of work it just means that the tradesman can take his time. From you breakdown i would want to know if you are supplying the items and is the property finished in its decoration or is this pre decoration. Are the items to be installed as new items that you are replacing thats in situ or are these new items or revised positions.


Answered 18th Aug 2015

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