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Leaking floor after heavy rain.

Hi, we have a 15 year old utility extension joined onto our kitchen and after heavy rain the threshold between the two leaks badly. We have checked the ceiling and walls and they are all dry so the water is actually coming up through the floor. How do we solve this?

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1/The floor should have a damp proof membrane to stop wet rising up and penetrating the floor, this could be damaged or it may even have not been fitted.
2/ you could have a drain of some discription under the floor and this could be broken and leaking.
3/ the external ground level could be above the dpc level and water tracks in after heavy rain fall, this is easy to visually identify.
It sounds like you may have to remove a section of the floor to identify the problem.


Answered 22nd Apr 2016

I agree with my previous speaker, but I would also check the cavity wall.


Answered 26th Mar 2019

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