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Does a flush mounted electricity meter box need a lintel?

I'm planning to move my meter and cut out from being mounted on a wall in the kitchen to a meter box outside my bungalow.
I want to install an external flush mounted meter box by cutting a hole out of the brick work on the side wall, but was wondering if I would need to install a lintel above the box to supposed the brick work?
I've been told that its not necessary but would like some re-assurance that it won't cause any future issues if I don't.

Thanks for the reply. There wasn't a structural engineering category unfortunately. The box is to be located down a narrow side access so a surface mounted box would not be ideal. The DNO has also advised that the MOP needs about 1.5 meters clearance in front of the box to install the meter and fuses safely.

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This is not really an electrical question and is more for structural engineers to answer. Surely it would be easier just to surface mount the cabinet?


Answered 18th Aug 2015

Hi,like your previous reply its more of a structural engineering question or something a bricklayer may be able to answer as electricians generally don't install the boxes. The width of the opening for a standard domestic meter box is relatively small and the fibre glass (GRP) boxes are usually strong enough to support the load of the unsupported bricks. Imagine the weight is transferred to either side leaving only a pyramid of unsupported brickwork above the opening. You could always fit a metal lintel if you are still worried or use a narrower type meter box. Over engineered solutions are always better they usually just cost more.


Answered 5th Apr 2017

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