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Re wiring a ground floor 2 bed maisonette

im just trying to get an idea of the costs of re wiring a ground floor 2 bedroom maisonette. Don't think it's been done for at least 30 years. An idea of what costs are involved would be much appreciated please

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Even though this is not my main discipline refurbishment and alterations always require working around a reliable electrician. Best budget around £2500 dependant on demographic of course. Some flat owners say I can wire a house for that ...well in essence the electrics is generally focused and cost weighted around the kitchen and quite often bathroom as well… Conversions can also throw up assorts of unknowns if the maisonette was once a big victorian house for example. If its less you'll be spending the rest on fancy lighting to finish it all off!


Answered 15th Aug 2015

A lot depends on area and access to both floor and ceilings. As a ball park figure somewhere around £2500-3000 would be a good indication. The thing is to ask someone to come and have a look and discuss specs that way they can give you are better quote.

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Answered 20th Aug 2015

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