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Dimmer switch problem

I have recently had dimmer spotlights installed and part of the switch gets very hot, there are 3 switches on this but only the one that works my dining room gets hot, is this a fire hazard

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Potentially yes, chances are that the dimmer is only a 250watt type and has a total load of more than 250watts connected to it. If so upgrade to a 400watt dimmer or fit lower wattage bulbs to the light fittings.


Answered 12th Aug 2015

Hi there,
Dimmer switches need to have the total lighting load worked out so that the correct one can be installed. The way dimmers work is to reduce the output voltage using a coil, this effectively makes the lights further away from the source. A side effect of this is a slight hum and some heat dissipation which is normal. You say yours gets very hot, this is not normal and possibly is a result of fitting an under rated unit. This could lead to overheating, premature failure and yes in extreme cases fire.
I strongly urge you to get this looked at by a qualified & registered electrician.
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Answered 12th Aug 2015

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