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Definition of "architectural services" please.

The term "Architectural Services" is fairly broad. Would this be the right category to post a job that included project management, co-ordinating various trades to complete a project?


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Possibly. Some designers will come from construction management backgrounds and will welcome a project management roll. They will be greatly skilled, have good resources behind them and will probably save you a lot of time, effort and money. Others however, will have absolutely no experience or skills in managing construction projects. You will need to assess each individual for yourself. People can be absolutely amazing designers, but when it comes to project management..... they really haven't got the slightest idea.
Additionally, when choosing a project manager, choose one that is right for you. Some like to work with their client, very much like a helping hand. Others expect complete autonomy and control. My advice is be careful and do exactly the same research you would do for a builder, architect, or dentist for that matter. A good project manager can, without doubt, save you thousands. On the other hand, they can be an expensive waste of space. With regards to posting it here.... why not, give it a try.


Answered 23rd Aug 2015



Answered 11th Aug 2015

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