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Replacing 1-storey extension with 2-storey

Looking for guide price and advice, but will hire architect and builder when sale is final.

House is "Sold STC" - hoping to get project under way before moving in. Don't believe I'll need Planning permission, but will need to give party-wall notice.

Central Huntingdon victorian mid-terrace (loft-converted). Rear access path to garden, and access through front door.

Very old kitchen and toilet extension on rear (roughly 18' x 7'). This borders the neighbour's property on one side, but does not share a wall - just next to their garden. I want to take down the existing extension, widen it to 8' or 9', and add a second storey to the extension. The ground floor would have a kitchen and toilet with shower. The 1st floor would have 3-piece bathroom, and utility/laundry room. The current bathroom upstairs to be turned into a bedroom. Extension will preferably have a pitched roof. The more windows and sky-lights the better.

I'm looking for a guide price and time-scale for
- an architect to make plans
- a builder to do the whole project

Please specify if quotes include VAT. Please list price of fitting the kitchen and bathrooms separately. I am aware there is a large spectrum of prices for kitchens and bathrooms. We will likely take an option on the cheaper end for the fittings, but want to make the structure of the extension of a high quality.

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Dear Mc Neely

Your question is very AREA defined and also very difficult to answer. prices vary so much depending on availability of architects and there own time constraints.

Typically here in Wolverhampton we pay between 700 and 1000 pounds to get a plan done. There is not normally any complications and plans should not take a long time to do. Instead architects all vary in how long they say it will take. I have found some may take a week and some three weeks. This time scale is more to do with there work load. Obviously architects will have to visit you and take measurements but everything else is their day to day job. The price can vary quite substantially and it does pay to shop maround. Your not building a tower and most architects are capable of handling your jobs. They are salesmen just like any other profession. You have to realise that one architect may vary in price nearly three times compared to another . The job is exactly the same. Some have been around for years and have large practices. The rest jus have lower overheads and are one man bands. This is good as they can concentrate on your job and offer better prices.

They will look at drainage existing structure and then make recommendations based on what you require. Most architects know what is accepted in terms of possible construction. so they will advise you prior to drawing plans. Essentially they want to make sure they have all the information and do not have to revisit as it affects their costs and reduces their own profitability.

they will advise you if your current drainage is suitable or if you have to have new drainage. They wont tell you if your current foundations will be able to sustain a second storey or if they have to be rebuilt or an alternative scenario of piers and steels are more cost effective.

Once plans have been submitted it normally takes about eight weeks before planning will give a decision. the cost can vary anywhere from 60k to 100k. We find we are always the most cost affective. Sometimes i will stay with a customer for hours explaining the options which are available. there is ten ways to build something. Sometimes a customer is indifferent whether they place a toilet on the left of the room or the right. But a good builder will be honest enough to explain the cost implications of the different choices.

So i am sorry to say that without knowing all the facts and looking at your job it would be very difficult for anyone to give you even a decent idea of cost.

its like me saying i want to buy a car.

you will ask what type
what age?
how many seats?

I am really sorry if my answer does not help. The best thing you can do is invite a builder who will offer you a free quote with no obligations. he will also discuss the various options that can help you acheiv your goal with different cost implications.

kind regards Tarsiem


Answered 24th Jan 2016

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