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Builder ignored building regs

Hi, we had a single story extension within permitted development criteria. We were unaware of the need for building regulations at the time and the builder did not advise us either. We are now selling the property 5 months after the work was completed and a surveyor says the structure needs retrospective regulariation but doubts the quality of the work.
Is it our responsibility for not having followed the regulations or can, in short, we point to the builder who ignored the regs and misadvised us?

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you should of checked to see if building regulations was needed by local building control how ever a builder should of known this and should of contacted l.b.c. to say that they was starting works.
There are stages when l.b.c. need to look at works done i list at least four of them
1. Footing when dug out should be 600mm wide 1000mm deep then passed before pour of concrete
2. When footing and pad are unto D.P.C. level and have kingspan insulation fitted to base and up stands This needs to be passed before concrete or screed is done
3. When the building is unto wall plate hight and roof timbers are fitted they also like to see kingspan insulation fitted
4. On completion when all finished so that can sigh all works off.

so really it is a little your fault but the builder you used was was no good

Kind Regards Carebuild ltd


Answered 14th Aug 2015

You don't say where in the UK you are. I'm in Glasgow.
In Scotland you can apply for permission as if you were going to do the extension ie get plans etc prepared by someone like myself and submit them to building standards. The cost is fee plus 25%


Answered 17th Aug 2015

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