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Skirting board wiring

I have just moved into a new flat and was surprised by how deep the skirting boards are. I prised open a top piece (they are basically MDF boxes) and found wires running behind. The skirting boards/boxes are so deep - over 2 inches - that they make quite a difference to the space and I would like to get rid of them and have normal ones, but I'm worried about the wires, which seem to run all around the flat. Any advice much appreciated.

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Sounds like its a difficult flat to rewire so they have implemented a skirting board solution for cable containment. Flat could be rewired, but likely to be costly and will no doubt have a major impact on the décor if cables are to be chased into walls etc.


Answered 9th Aug 2015

Not unusual if it's of concrete construction can possibly be sorted at a cost call an electrician


Answered 7th Aug 2015

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