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I am in the middle of some internal work and was having the piping for one radiator re-routed, the pipework for all radiators is set in the screed. Having read various forums it would seem this is not a great idea, equally the existing pipework is copper and just wrapped in a 'horse hair' type material, again not a good idea it would seem.
I am therefore looking for a price to reroute the piping through the loft and down the walls, I live in a bungalow and the loft is accessible. There are 5 radiators (4 on stud walls & 1 on external wall), combi boiler.
Am I right to change the piping and is any one interested in quoting price.

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The horse hair you refer to is felt wrap, not suitable for this application, so we have a ticking time bomb before the lime in the screed starts attacking the copper and causing copper pipe to become porous then water loss will occur but only gradually at first.

Best solution abandon this system and go for your idea of an alternative route as you have mentioned. If you live in the West country I would be happy to quote if you post the job in the normal fashion through mybuilder.


Answered 18th Aug 2015

Hi Richard its certainly prudent to renew pipework laid into screed as expansion and contraction of the pipework causes solder joints to break and have water damage done to carpets and flooring. Then you have the problem of for ever recharging the system if you have a pressurised heating system .
So go for it Dave heating engineer


Answered 7th Aug 2015

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