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Should i replace my vaillant ecotec plus 418?


I had a Vaillant ecoTEC plus 418 fitted in Feb 2008. I have had various problems with it in recent years, this year I had to have a new pump (only replaced a year previously).

The guy that fitted it showed me that it was full of "gunk" and said the system needed flushing. The fan is now very noisy every time the boiler turns on, and I was warned this would also need replacing.

My gas bills are very high and I am wondering if I should get a new, more efficient boiler. I am in a 3 bed semi, just me and my young son - should I switch to a combi? Or is there a more efficient boiler I should consider.

I would really appreciate any help.


1 Answer from a MyBuilder Heating Engineer

the solution for the best advice and help is to call a valiant engineer for a set fee around 250 pounds they will come and replace any defective parts and leave your boiler working great .better then to spend a couple of thousands in renewing a boiler which you most probably don't need.Dave Ward gas engineer


Answered 6th Aug 2015

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