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For a few years, I've had a problem with my Vaillant boiler: whenever we have really bad weather (very windy + rain), a small pool of water collects at the bottom of the boiler. Only ever happens during this bad weather. The boiler is at the front of the house (so of course is the flue outlet) so its very exposed to the elements.

Had a plumber visit recently who said that the boiler was installed badly and there is a leak on the flue inside the boiler itself. Said that the flue needed to be replaced but might be difficult to get the right one (the boiler is now 10 and a half years old). And in any case its probably better to replace the boiler, as its not a condensing one.

He's suggested a Worcester-Bosch 'junior' condensing combi, and also a worcester 28 cdi compact, and worcester 25i/30i (its a two bedroom terrace, one bathroom).

Price he's suggesting for the cost of boiler is reasonable, but i've never had to buy a boiler before so haven't much of a clue. Are there any questions I should be asking, or anything I should consider? I'm a Which member and Worcester-Bosch do get awards every year. Thats all I know!

Any help appreciated!


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before you spend big money call Vaillant engineers who for a set fee will come and repair and will offer the best advice renew or repair You can totally trust the engineer who are more skilled then most plumbers /heating engineers Although Worcester are good boilers. I prefer the Ideal logic range of boilers Dave gas engineer


Answered 6th Aug 2015

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