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I have recently has a returned pm house and the old floor boards weren't any good so I laid a ply bad over them and insulated and engineered wood was put on top by a tradesman on this site. The floor now bounces in places and is very squeaky in one specific location. He talked about pinning it if I had any problems. How hard is this to do and is it costly as this man is now uncontactable.

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could be the subfloor is moving but it sounds to me like the flooring was floated on a underlay, what you need to do is take it up and secret nail it to the ply costs around £15/20 sq mtr.
get a reputable pro to do this.


Answered 12th Aug 2015

Sounds like it's been fitted to tight to skirting now causing it to bounce, it will need to be uplifted and fitted correctly.


Answered 14th Aug 2015

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