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Effect on boiler efficiency if sited in a garage

We are thinking if having a boiler sited in the garage. We're aware of venting, condensate pipe not freezing etc......but i can't find mention anywhere what effect it has on boiler efficiency. I know that the boiler will fire up to keep if frost free, but if for example in winter the garage remains at below 5 degrees for a couple of weeks does that mean it will have to fire up many times. ..therefore wasting gas.
In our case would it be better to site it somewhere in the house even though it would cost less to install in the garage (and be more out of the way) ?

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As the previous person who replied was correct many boilers are fitted in garages ,but I would certainly not recommend putting any boilers in lofts.
However for peace of mind fit a frost stat in the garage with a pipe thermostat fitted on the return this give you adequate protection on other parts of the heating system this over rides the programmer and you will wake up to a nice warm house on those wintery mornings Dave gas engineer


Answered 6th Aug 2015

Hi I don't think you'll have any issues as boilers are often fitted in garages and the attic these days. Oil boilers are often sited outside of the property without any problems at all. I hope this information helps.

Ywain the plumber


Answered 5th Aug 2015

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