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Selv led transformer broken

my kitchen LED transformer is broken, I want to find the replacement one. when I Google the same transformer, it is all from Germany, any suggestion for the replacement one in UK. I write the details of the old transformer.
the label contains
LED control gear PLK112
Series connection
1..12 led 350 mA 14W @230V
1..9 led 350 mA 11w @110v
PRI. 110 250v - 50 60 HZ 0.2A MAX
SEC 350 mA = 45V max
power factor 0.06
Thank you very much

2 Answers from MyBuilder Electricians

whats wrong with the german make? if you've found a replacement just buy it doesn't matter what country its from


Answered 6th Aug 2015

I would convert your mr16 led light fitting to Gu10 mains voltage and move away from transformers all together, saving you time and money. Or you could go to an Electrical wholesaler and see if they have a replacement. If not i am sure they can point you in the right direction.


Answered 6th Aug 2015

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