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Shower installed

How much to have a electric shower installed wiring going though the loft to the fuse box

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Depends on Kilowatt rating of the shower, the length of cable needed, how much chasing out of the wall needs to be done to hide cable, what type of fusebox you have and if there is a spare useable way on it, if existing earth bonding to water is adequate etc, so there are a lot of variables that need to be considered. Approx £150 - £200 but really needs a site visit.


Answered 4th Aug 2015

Is there an existing elec shower already in place ?
depending on kw shower you purchase ,work will involve routing 10mm or 6mm cable from fuse board to shower pull-cord installed in bathroom , concealing cable as much as possible , if not plastic white trunking will be used . Also dedicated circuit for shower on a protected rcbo if fuse board isnt already protected by a main RCD.


Answered 12th Feb 2016

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