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Frayed tv cable - connected from aerial above building

I've moved house recently. I went to plug my TV in and as I went to get the TV cable, the one end was frayed. I did put it into the TV initially and the signal was hit or miss but the fraying was quite bad so I took it out as I was afraid it would cause the TV to blow up (or worse the apartment). When I looked to see where the cable was coming from, it was going through a wall in the building so I think the aerial cable is connected to the aerial on top of the building. I'm unsure whether I would be able to do the job myself like thread the wires together and use like an aerial booster or am I better off hiring an electrician to take a look at this. I have pictures if this would help.

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Hi there,

Sounds like the end of the cable needs to be renewed. This link will show you what you need to do. Any questions feel free to ask anytime.


Answered 3rd Aug 2015

Firstly, do not panic, there is a very, very low voltage induced in a tv. ariel from tv radio waves. You need special equipment(an oscilloscope or even a tv) to detect it.
Secondly, changing the connector and re-terminating an ariel(coaxial) cable is relatively easy. You can buy them at DIY stores.
It does sound like you need the old cable re-terminated in a box and that needs securing to a wall. Then you plug your tv in using an ariel lead that you can also buy from a DIY store. Most handymen should be able to do that job for you.
I hope that helps.


Answered 6th Feb 2016

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