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Adding socket behind new fireplace .

Hi there, ive recently bought an electric fireplace but there is no socket behind it to switch it on. The nearest socket is around 2 metres away, i dont want wires running as it will look messy. Is it a big job to install a socket on the wall behind the fire? is this an expensive job?, thanks for reading, Michelle .

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Hi there,

Without looking at the job it's hard to get an idea of the layout but there are many ways of putting in a socket behind the electric fire which I will list below:

Option 1:
Use the socket 2m away, drill straight through to outside then run across to behind fire place then back in.

Option 2:
Go down under floor if it's suspended. If solid floor then this won't be possible.

Option 3:
If walls are plasterboard then we could run behind them to the fire place.

Option 4:
We can run from the socket direct to fire place by cutting a Chanel out of the wall with a disc cutter. Then making good after. This can be a very dirty process.

Hope this helps


Answered 3rd Aug 2015

Depending on the power rating of the fire, would make an assessment of the fire before spurring off the existing socket 2m away. This can be done neatly with 16mm plastic conduit running to the position of the fire. If this is off an existing ring circuit this should not present a problem, but if is not simple ohm's law calculation for power rating and taking into account the overall circuit will give pointers whether the circuit is likely to be overloaded and therefore size the cable of the whole circuit accordingly ( as well as mcb protecting the circuit)


Answered 19th Jan 2016

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