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Difference between extra socket and using an extension?

I need power where there are no nearby sockets - 3m approx to nearest socket (through a wall).
I'm trying to understand what might be wrong with me connecting a surge protector by chopping off its plug and passing it through a small hole in the wall and then re-attaching the plug and plugging it in. The alternative is I believe to have a spur installed by an electrician.
What exactly is the difference between the two options?
Is one technically superior - if so in what way?
By the way, on the other end I will place computer equipment including a server, a network switch, a CCTV DVR and more than likely this will be connected with a UPS.
Thanks guys

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Hi there,
The answer to your question is simple.
An extension cord is only intended for temporary use, passing such a lead through a wall is against the BS7671 wiring regulations as it makes it permanent.
There should also be a local point of isolation, which your proposed setup would not allow due to the fixed switched socket being in another room.
I would advise you to employ a qualified and registered electrician to install a dedicated outlet for your network and CCTV equipment.
Best Regards
AJOB Electrical Ltd


Answered 3rd Aug 2015

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