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Extreme mold problem... :-/

I currently have alot of mold in my property,which is speading very fast.The mold id only upstairs,which i find strange.Its it very bad in the bathroom and the walk in cupboard in the bedroom.There are stains coming from the ceiling and the plaster has blown under the wallpaper.Im unsure what can be the cause of this,possible damp problem???? I have been here 6 years now and this problem has only occured the past 4-5 months.Any help and advice would be much appreciated and for quotes on what exactly the problem is and how much it will be to fix it.

* Added 2nd March, 2011 :
I would like to add that the mold is also spreading up the stairs and even on the handrail.I have scrubbed it all off with mold remover and then paint with mold blocker,but still its coming back.I have tried everything,kept the heating on constant,opened windows during the day,but nothing is helping.In the photos is the picture of the leak from the ceiling.

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You are more than likely having a ventilation problem, Unblock air vents if you have them, if not put some in, also the bathroom and kitchen needs plenty of air movement, due to steam ingress in the walls etc, also it could be that the decorating is waterproof and not letting the wall ventilate moisture outward, constant damp wall cause mould. More air movement and walls that ventilate is the answer.
Regards Harry. A Henry Projects.

Answered 3rd Mar 2011

A.Henry Projects

Member since 20 Aug 2008

Sounds like a severe condensation problem due to lack of air movement in severe cases it may be a wise decision to install an air replacement unit which should solve your problem permanently.

Answered 3rd Mar 2011

Adds Property Services Ltd

Member since 9 Feb 2011

For your imediate problem you will find that a good dehumidifier will reduce the amout of moisture in the air, thus making living conditions a little more safe and comfortable, ( Spores from the mould can cause severe health problems ).
Then seek profesional advice to find the cause.
Good luck.

Answered 26th Mar 2011

M Dewey Brickwork & Propert Maintenance

Member since 2 Apr 2008

If it's black mould, you will struggle to reduce it's spread regardless of ventilation. The products that are even available "to the trade" to kill mould will only stop it for so long before it returns.

It sounds like you have an ingress of water if the plaster has blown, wether it be a leak, a compromised cavity, or bad roof condition etc. Once your water tight, you can address the problem of the mould and ventilation.

A De humidifier will be a good idea to reduce the ammount of moisture in the air. You may need to remove all wall finishes in paper and seek the advice of a professional. A registered and approved damp proofing company have access to the chemicals that will irradicate black mould problems.

Cost wise, specialists are never cheap, but you will only have to pay once to erradicate the problem.

Answered 15th May 2011

Holcombe Building and Restoration Ltd

Member since 12 May 2011

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