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Are there any regs regarding increasing the size of the bottom stair, to create a landing?

We are looking to convert our garage & would like to knock a doorway into the hall. However, in the garage, there is a supporting pillar right in the middle of the hallway wall. This doesn't leave enough space on either side of the pillar to put the opening. Someone has suggested extending the bottom stair, thereby creating a quarter landing that is big enough to then place a doorway off. The door would obviously open into the new room, not onto the stair. The flooring on the other side would then have a step down into the new room at some point. Is this a possible solution for our door dilemma?? Thanks

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Yes, it should be fine, as long as the door doesn't open onto the staircase...Landings have to be at least the width of the stairs in length (basically square or more) but check latest building regs Part k confirm because they like to change stair case regs.


Answered 13th Sep 2011

Hi Jotl, another obvious point would be headroom, 2 m must be maintained above all stairs, there are small exceptions to this rule in a loft situation.
Lee Davidson RIBA


Answered 16th Nov 2011

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