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New boiler, no heating

Had a Heatline Monza 24a condensing boiler fitted last month, hot water fine, cannot get any heat to rads, boiler sounds when fired up on ch that there's no water going through it, have tried running hot tap and rads in case trapped air, all the boiler does is make noises so end up switching it off, have looked at knobs underneath boiler with instructions all appear to be in correct position, no fault on screen, have tried reset,ANY HELP PLEASE.advice.?

UPDATE..thank you for advice, will give those a try, it had a addy mangaclean 2 filter attached on fitting, hot water works fine,

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Check flow and return valve if they are open.
If a filter was installed, may be the Engeneer forgot to reopen the valve after adding hynibitor.
It could be the thermostat/ programmer.
Try to change it in a on position.
In any case if the boiler was installed one month ago I would re call the Engeneer.


Answered 3rd Aug 2015

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