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Replacing night storage heaters - please help

Hi there, I bought a flat last summer (large 2 bed) with no access to a gas supply. It still has the original 1970s night storage heaters installed in each room which do not function well anymore at all and cost me a fortune over the winter (my electric went up £250 a month in the winter). I know electric heating is more expensive but I they were kicking out too much heat in the night and morning and nothing after about 10am. So I'm wondering whether to replace them all with Dimplex models - Quantum in the main bed and living room, and perhaps cheaper ones in the kitchen and hall as they are needed less.
Is this advisable? My neighbour changed all her storage units to normal timer electric radiators and a normal tariff years ago and says they are so much cheaper than when she has the storage heaters?
They are obviously a lot cheaper to buy, but more to run. Is it worth me just buying storage heaters for the most important rooms of the flat, and then get the sockets replaced with normal sockets in the other rooms for standard timer heaters?
Also do I need to worry about which input KW storage heaters I am buying? (ie do they need to be compatible with what I already have) or are they all the same as long as they work off of economy 7?
It's all very confusing and expensive - I don't want to make the mistake of spending 3k on storage heaters that aren't worth it.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I would recommend replacing the storage heaters with modern energy efficient Radiators such as ROINTE. They are individually thermostatically controlled with individual timers. Each room can be set up exactly as you want it. In my opinion and that of the supplier they are cheaper to run than storage heaters and more convenient to control. These plug directly into the storage heater points once converted to sockets. The economy 7 consumer unit will need some reconfiguring as well. We have replaced many properties from bungalows to large 4 bedroom houses with these radiators with great results. If doing this it would be wise to consider switching from economy 7 to a single tariff as most of your electricity will be consumed during the day/eve. You could also consider solar PV on your roof to help with your electricity bill and produce an income fro the government FIT scheme.

Hope that helps regards Mark


Answered 6th Aug 2015

*word of advise!!
Agree with the previous post. However please do read up on your current storage heaters, they may potentially have asbestos containing materials within them (there are tables of makes and models that contain asbestos readily available on the Internet) - if they do then special precautions will need to be taken when removing and disposing of them.


Answered 7th Aug 2015

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