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Pir lighting in bathroom

I currently have a pull switch and a ceiling mounted light fitting, single bulb.

I want to change to a three led bulb light system, ceiling mounted.

However I would like to know if I can get an electrician to remove the switch and replace with a pir instead so that the lights switch on with motion.

The electrician I have says I need a specialist pir light fitting, but I am more interested in a stand alone pir sensor.

Is this possible?

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you can get a stand alone pir but you need to make sure that the light has the correect I P rating for the zone it is fitted in, regards Terry.


Answered 31st Jul 2015

Yes a stand alone PIR sensor could be fitted (not advisable though, as they have a habbit of turning off at the most inconvenient moment). Similarly it may well be that the switchline from the light to the PIR will need to be rewired so that there will ne a neutral connection at the PIR. The other downside is that the light will switch on every time it senses someone in the bathroom both day and night, where as with a switch you can just turn on the light when you need it and not waste energy having the light on during the day when natural light is adequate enough.


Answered 4th Aug 2015

Yes it is possible. Some PIR sensors require a neutral connection, and your existing pull cord is very unlikely to have a neutral present, so it would require a new cable from the light position to the PIR position.

With this being in a bathroom, it is notifiable under Part P. Also you may run into issues with the sensor switching the lights off if someone is in the bath or on the toilet for any amount of time.


Answered 31st Jul 2015

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