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Electrical installation certificate

I recently hired an unregistered electrician to convert my spots around the house to LEDs, insert new bathroom lighting, and replace my main RDC panel. He brought a registered electrician round for sign-off for certification purposes. I have the BS 7671 certificate, which covers "upgrading of consumer unit earthing and bonding conductors". Does this only certify the RCD? Do I need another certificate for the lighting?

Thanks in advance.

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A consumer unit replacement requires an Electrical Installation Certificate. If the bathroom lighting is a new circuit, it also requires an Electrical Installation Certificate. If, however, the bathroom lights are a modification to an existing circuit, this would require a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate. Either way, you require 2 certificates.

Both jobs are also notifiable under Part P, with a consumer unit replacement being major works and any room containing a bath or shower is a special location.

Hope this helps

Brendan Mines


Answered 30th Jul 2015

Its illegal for another electrician to sign off an un-registered electricians work, so all sounds very dodgy. Must have been a cheap job for cash?


Answered 12th Aug 2015

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