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Advice on a kitchen extension

Hi I have just bought my council house in Shropshire and want to extend the kitchen. It is 14 foot by 6 foot 6 inches at the moment. I would like to extend the width by about 4-5 foot. The bathroom which is above the kitchen has a downpipe running in front of the kitchen at the moment, will this prevent me being able to have an extension. Can anyone give me some advice and a ball part figure on costings - minus the kitchen fitments.

I am finding this all a bit daunting.

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Hi Lilly don't be daunted it won't be a problem with your down pipe, 99% of the time it can be rerouted there is always something that can be done, if your Archietect can't help building control are actually very good to ask when they come to site as they have seen these things many times. Price wise here in yorkshire an extension usually costs around £1250 per square meter of new floor space hope this helps.


Answered 3rd Aug 2015

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