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Hello, we have a 2 bed mid terrace and are looking to build a single storey rear extension around 4m wide, 3m long. We would want the existing rear wall knocked down so the extension would create one large open plan room. Ideally would love a pitched roof with skylight(s) but obviously this will depend on cost. We are in Bracknell, Berkshire can any experienced builders give a rough cost for all of this plus timescale? Also for this size extension would we need planning permission or would it come under permitted development? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Glen usually this would come under permitted development as long as it is not over 3 meters high as you are a mid terrace and within Two meters of your neighbours boundary probably, I am currently building an extension similar to the dimensions and design you have mentioned (4.8 mtrs wide though) the cost is £21,000 and my timescale is 10 weeks builders may say they will have it done faster however on many occasions the British weather does not help and all the little finishing bits take up time.


Answered 3rd Aug 2015

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