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Replacing boiler (london)

We own a 2 bed flat in south west London (buy to let). The flat is over 2 floors with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom (2nd floor) and living room and kitchen ( first floor). The flat build is 1960s.

The flat has hot water and heating through a gas boiler ( which is quite I am given to understand but don't know how old). Gas boiler is located in kitchen. Water is supplied to gas boiler via plastic expansion tank located above the boiler. The hot water is stored in a cylinder which is located on the landing of second floor. The cylinder also has an electric immersion heater. Water is stored in a cold water storage tank made of asbestos cement and is located in the roof space which I am given to understand supplies water to the boiler.

We are thinking of replacing the existing boiler with a new boiler (combi condensation) which will mean that the water storage tank (made of asbestos) and the hot water cylinder will all be redundant. This could in our view reduce the risks from asbestos significantly (although current state they are quite low) and also reduce heating costs.

Would you agree with this approach
Which boiler would you suggest and what should I budget for it (all in costs including installation)

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Stick with your old system. When a combi boiler breaks down you have
no heating or hot water .To repair the boiler may possible take up to a week to repair. Your tenants are screaming no heat no hot water ,At least with your old system the immersion heater in the cylinder still gives you hot water.
Also when changing the water supply to all mains then your tenant may moan the pressure is to low. Lastly your storage cistern [tank} been their for many years and I presume no one died yet,If still worried then change it for a resin or plastic cistern good luck Dave Ward


Answered 28th Jul 2015

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