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Im worried the building control did't check foundation on my extension

also i'm not sure how much cement went in what can i do now to find out

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Building control keep a record of what visits they do on a site ,so phone them up and ask if they checked it if so was it ok,you can always dig down beside the footings and see how much by taking a sample and have it tested,it should at least put your mind at rest,hope this helps.
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Answered 27th Jul 2015

First of all do not allow any more building to proceed if you are currently on with the project. Building control should have visited to check the original footings were deep enough if they were happy they would have allowed the concrete to be poured usually for a single story extension it should be 300mm deep. They will have a record on file if they visited to see the how deep the footings were if they gave the go ahead for the concrete to be poured they will not visit again until the builder has reached DPC. If you are concerned about the concrete mix/ ratio take a sample and have it analysed. If you are concerned your builder is not doing things correctly make payment arrangements in stages, each time the building inspector visits and is happy for the work to carry on pay the builder at least you will have peace of mind the work has been passed.


Answered 3rd Aug 2015

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