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Led spotlights and generator

I have 20 spotlights for an outdoor pavilion in America that needs powering without household mains. I am going to run the lighting setup directly from the generator's 120vac output.

This would mean that I need to source spotlights that can run from 120v. However many cheap spotlights I can find are LEDs and thus would require a transformer if they have 12v input I believe.

Would it be best to source LED spotlight with GU10 fitting, wire them in parallel with single plug and hook up to the generator? Since these lights can adapt to AC input?


(edited to clarify why it's 120V and not 230V, thanks!)

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Wiring in parallel will make no difference! You need to wire them in groups of two in series 120v + 120v = 240v, however they may not work and will have a vastly reduced light output. Why can 230v mains not be installed to the building properly?


Answered 27th Jul 2015

Wow. All that for 20 LEDs. As said previously why no 230v supply. Think you are trying to hash something up with what you have, rather than get the basic stuff in place first. ie a 230v supply either mains or generator supplied then the 120v is not an issue


Answered 29th Jul 2015

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