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Does this work require a bs7671 electrical safety certificate?

In June 2012 an electrician from a local firm (that is NICEIC registered) carried out the following work at my house:

Installed 2 double socket outlets in the loft, each with its own isolation switch in the airing cupboard – connection made from local socket outlet in back bedroom

Install single socket outlet at high level on studded wall – connection made from local socket outlet in box bedroom.

Install 2 standard pendant fittings within loft with switch located in airing cupboard – connection made from upstairs lighting circuit.

Should a BS7671 Electrical Safety Certificate be issued for this work? Because it’s a Saturday and I can’t call them I thought I’d ask the question here. I already checked for any certificate online from the NICEIC site but I found nothing for my address, and I don’t remember receiving a certificate from the engineer at the time, or one in the post later.

What happens if I need one but the firm I used didn’t issue one – can they issue one retrospectively (for work done in 2012)?

The reason I’m asking this is because I’m selling my house and just going through the legal stuff. I have to answer the question “Has the property been rewired or had any electrical installation work carried out since 1 January 2005?”, which I think (according to the work above) is a yes, therefore I have to provide a certificate.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Yes you should of been given a 'Minor Works Certificate' for this work, or even one certificate for each circuit that was modified.
You could get a Periodic Inspection (Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) carried out, this assuming everything is ok and there are no dangerous parts in the installation would provide you with the necessary certificate.


Answered 27th Jul 2015

Yes, a one page Minor Electrical Works Certificate should have been issued and the works should have been undertaken in compliance with BS7671:2008.


Answered 27th Jul 2015

It is the contractors responsibility to issue the relevant certification when completing work, I would definitely go to the company the carries it out and ask them for a certificate, if they don’t have one on file then it would and should be a gesture of good will to come and re-test and issue a certificate, although in your case the work isn’t “notifiable” works, as it is only minor works but none the less it should still have been issued


Answered 4th Dec 2019

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