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Replacement power to garage

I have a detached garage at the end of the garden. I currently have a power cable running along the fence to provide power to the shed from my main fuse box. Currently this keeps tripping the counsumer unit but it is on a seperate fuse so I have isolated the problem. I think it has got wet somewhere. I will get an electrctian in but need to understand if current regualtions mean that this cable will need to be underground or can it be run the same way along the bottom of the shed?

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The cable can be run in the same way providing it is the correct type of cable.
preferably steel wire armour cable would be installed which is both durable and resistant against the elements. this is the same cable you would use if it was buried.
Burying the cable would be more aesthetic as it cant be seen, however providing the cable is secured correctly and at the correct distances between each cleat then surface mounting it does meet any regulations, aslong as the fence as secure and not likely to fall down or be removed.


Answered 27th Jul 2015

If your getting an electrician in then he should be able to advise you on the situation, in which case don't worry about the regulations as that is what you will be paying him to do .
If you plan on doing the work yourself then , whatever.


Answered 26th May 2016

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