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Surface water drainage and water main running through my property, need help!

I have recently contracted out to build an extension at the back of my house and when the builder had dug foundation trenches, he has come across a water main and surface water drainage. This is going right through from one side of the foundation to the other side and onwards to neighbour's house. Now, my issue is what costs am I likely to face for them to be diverted, of which water main is a must from what I have found through research. So please advise me of the next step I should take?

Edit: The building inspector came around yesterday and advised to bridge over the drain and for the water he just said cover it with carbon fibre pipe and pour the concrete. So I guess if he is ok with it I should just go ahead with the foundations.

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You could maybe try alternative foundations, may pad foundation with a concrete beam to carry your walls? Just a suggestion to look into.


Answered 24th Jul 2015

you can put pad stones or concrete lintels over the mains to carry on with your build your builder should no that if he is a builder


Answered 26th Jul 2015

Sleeving drainage in a foundation is a normal practice when building as for the water dependent on the size you can either divert which if a sevice is not costly at all or put in pad stones, personally I would divert and bring into building through lintel.


Answered 2nd Jun 2016

If the drainage has been adopted by the water board you will have to contact them , and if the water is a main that will apply too regards ( Gary )


Answered 30th Jan 2017

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