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My parents are looking at a house which they are interested in buying but want to get an idea of the costs of adding an extension to it if they do buy it.
I can work most of this out for them but need some advice on foundations and wall structure. It's a small single storey property which is part stone built and part block and external render.

I am assuming that a block cavity would be the best solution for the walls as it's in an area with a not so favourable climate! My question is however, what blocks do they need? Do you get engineering type blocks like with bricks for use under the dpc? Can they use lightweight block on the inner leaf?

Also what foundations would be required?I have assumed concrete strip founds but not sure on width/depth. Would 650x250 suffice?

Please note that this really is just to get a rough idea of costs before they put an offer in the house.

Many thanks

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In general footings would be expected to be 500mm wide by 1200mm deep, differing ground conditions and surrounding trees will have a bearing on this, the inner leaf would be brick below damp course, and lightweight or concrete blocks above, lightweight block are preferred because of their higher Uvalue


Answered 22nd Jul 2015

You do not state where in the UK you are. I'm in Glasgow and I use the cost of £1000 / m2 when submitting plans to building control for a single storey ext.
Hope this helps


Answered 23rd Jul 2015

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