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Is this a reasonable payment term request for an extension?

I am having a 39k extension taking c12 weeks to complete and the builder has asked for the following terms, and I thought the deposit was high, and so was wondering if what is being asked when is what I should expect?
Upon reaching DPC
Upon reaching wall plate
Upon reaching roof-tile completion
Upon reaching plaster completion
Upon completion of project

Thank you for your help

3 Answers from MyBuilder Extension Builders

Seems reasonable enough, it's alot of outlay to begin with in material hence the high deposit I would say. No problem if you trust your builder.


Answered 21st Jul 2015

If it's on contract all seems fine to me
Materials and salaries need paying for, the last payment is probably the company profit margin


Answered 21st Jul 2015

Perfectly acceptable, however I would only make payment once the building inspector is happy with each stage, as the stages listed are the ones he will attend.


Answered 3rd Aug 2015

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