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Pva on fireplace problem

Hi, I put PVA on wall and waited for it to go tacky then rendered it after 30 mins render fell off now I have scraped it all off and the PVA has gone off. What can I do now its internal on a fireplace?

Cheers Wayne

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Hi Wayne
Sorry to hear your having problems with your fireplace fist of all did you scrape all the black sulphate from the brick surface, has the area in question ever suffered from damp problems (salting etc.) you would probably be better using a S,B,R bonding agent on your fire place and if all else fails good old mesh, scratch, top coat ,skim hope this has helped good luck. Carl


Answered 21st Jul 2015

You should never use PVA for render as PVA is water based and wont provide enough of a grip. For a fireplace your best bet is to wirebrush the area to remove all the soot etc and then use a slightly watered down solution of SBR instead of PVA then render as normal.
You can also use an angle grinder on the wall to create a 'key' to help the render stick better.
Thanks, Ollie


Answered 23rd Jul 2015

Unless you are looking for a period finish, such as a lime based render/plaster, I would dot and dab some plasterboard over it then a plaster skim.


Answered 21st Jul 2015

Use sbr or blue grit


Answered 21st Jul 2015

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