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House alarm panel is dead with no light on.

The house alarm started buzzing in the morning with the green lights on the panel turned red and flickering. I punched my pass code few times and it became quiet. After few hours now I have no light on the panel.
Theres is fuse box next it with 2 amp fuse which i have changed but still on life on the panel. Is it possible that the battery is gone off?
How do I check if battery is dead? otherwise what should i do?

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No lights = No Power usually.

Chances are theres no mains power getting to the panel and the backup battery has now died as mains power wasn't restored.

if you remove the back up battery (mains only) and there is still no power then you need to trace the mains power into the panel and beyond, could be a fuse gone inside the panel.


Answered 20th Jul 2015

this means there is no power going to your alarm and that it was running off its backup battery which eventually died this could be a number of things first check your fuse board to make sure the circuit its connected to isn't switched off or the RCD hasn't tripped, the other thing it could be is the fuse in the spur or the transformer inside the alarm panel has gone and if it has you will need a new panel


Answered 20th Jul 2015

On working system.
Switch off power or remove fuse.
When battery have enough power.
Alarm panel should work from battery.

Remove baterry and check Volts using multimeter.

If you have not experience, you should call alarm engineer.
Alarm system should be tested minimum once a year.
Average battery life is 3 years.


Answered 20th Jul 2015

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