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Electric shower not changing temperature


I have an 8.5kw electric shower, Triton Bezique II. Currently the temperature dial makes no difference at all to the temperature. You can have only cold, hot but not powerful, or scalding hot, depending on which pressure setting you choose, and that is the only variation possible.

This change I think did not happen immediately - for a while there was some variation, although the highest pressure was still too hot even at the coolest setting on the dial.

I have not been able to find anything in my googling that is telling me what might be going wrong. Is this just one part, or is the whole shower kaput?

Many thanks for your help.

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Almost certainly limescale build up inside the heating canister. Limescale from hard water is literally a killer for electric showers. You will need a replacement heating canister (approx. £60 -80), so you may find that its actually cheaper to buy a complete new shower unit as the prices are very similar and you can often get deals on a complete shower. Recently screwfix had 8.5Kw Triton shower units for £50 see link below


Answered 20th Jul 2015

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