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Replacing conservatory with extension

Looking at buying a house, 1930s build semi.
Previous owners added a uPVC lean-to glass conservatory to the rear.
There is a small kitchen at rear.
We would like to replace the conservatory with a extension, and extending the kitchen into this area.
Size would be around 5m x 3-4m, depending on cost.

Assuming foundations need to be installed, build of extension, knocking out wall from existing kitchen, removal of existing conservatory etc, installation of very basic kitchen units, electrics, plumbing, tiled floor and painted/plastered walls, and, possible skylight in roof - ...

How much and how long would this all take?

2 Answers from MyBuilder Extension Builders

Ball park £20,000 6-8 weeks.


Answered 20th Jul 2015

Extension cost would be around £1250 per square meter of floor space, this does not include the cost of removing the conservatory though and you may have to remove some of the old foundations you will not be able to build on any of the existing conservatory foundations. I would budget around £200 per skip for the rubbish and obviously the labour to remove it. Timescale I would budget around 10 weeks for a three man team to complete the job. Hope this helps


Answered 3rd Aug 2015

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