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doing up my mums house. is it possible to add a 60 amp residual current trip before the consumer unit. existing consumer unit, 4 circuit all good. house only 30 years old.

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Yes, but it would be a much better option to fit four separate RCBO's as only one circuit will be lost in the event of a neutral to earth fault. With a single front end RCD if it trips all power and lighting will be lost. Be aware that if any of the circuits have leakage current on them already you may get tripping problems anyway. When was the last full electrical test and inspection? if available what were the IR results?


Answered 10th Jul 2015

How do you know all the installation is good? How are you going to test the RCD after you have put it in and do a test sheet, etc etc etc. how are you going to isolate the main tails? If you are thinking of pulling the main fuse out-go ahead and risk prosecution. What you are proposing to do is madness. Get a competant Electrician in please.


Answered 10th Jul 2015

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