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Moving consumer unit/fuse box

I have my local electricity provider coming to move my meter from the kitchen to the garage (just shy of £500 - not sure if that is a good price)
As part of the work I also need to move 2 x fuse boxes (one for the main house and the second for the extension) to the garage(one box is moving to the other side of the wall and along the wall about 1m, the second is already in the garage and moving about 2m)
What should I budget for this work?

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When your provider comes to move your meter it is a good idea to also ask for an isolator switch to be fitted as this can reduce the later cost of replacing your fuse boxes/consumer units.


Answered 8th Jul 2015

Id say budget needs to be between £250-£350 id be happy to take a look if you need dependant where you live


Answered 7th Jul 2015

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