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What exactly can one expect to be included in a total re-wire

I am currently modernising a 1904 3 bedroom terrace property in South West London. The last time any major changes to wiring were made would have been 40 years ago.

I am having most walls and ceilings replastered and floors repaired as necessary (only loose floorboards). I need to reposition tone boiler and one radiator and install a new kitchen which will mean relocating the cooker to the opposite wall and the addition of an extractor hood.

I have been given a quote which seems quite high given that all of the structural work (chasing etc) associated with a re-wire would be done in parallel and the price for the consumer board installation has also been given separately. Surely this is the main beast for a total re-wire. I am also being quoted separately for existing sockets, isn't it the additional sockets that would be extra? Is security lighting and interlinked smoke alarms not also included?

I would be looking at two security lights (one back and one front), two interlinked smoke alarms, 10 downlighters for the kitchen, four wall lights and 12 additional double sockets and 6 TV/SAT/Aerial and 5 additional telephone sockets.

Grateful for some advice as to what total re-wire actually means and an estimate of what one would realistically expect to pay an electrician for the re-wiring element of the modernisation.

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A Total Rewire would include taking out all existing wiring, sockets, lighting all cables completely wherever they can be removed including the existing fuse boards then new wiring installed including all cutting and chasing required to do it.( order of removal may be after new system installed)
Fixing of cables capping, clipping, fixing of box's etc then second fixing of all the sockets lights cooker points smoke and heat detectors security lighting etc all being tested before connecting into the new 17th edition distribution board test results recorded then energising the system and testing all circuits are correctly wired ie Polarity, Earthing RCD testing all results being recorded on an Installation certificate and the work being notified for Part 'P' Building regulations.
The specification should be clear and precise each room or area should be listed with each item required
Power 4 twin sockets
2 Lights + switching
1 Tv Point
Then a price at the bottom of the quote all items should be agreed any changes should be discussed any extras to the original spec would have to be paid for,allow approximately £1000 + VAT per bedroom for a standard rewire if you want to fill the house with lots of points say down lights extra security lights etc then it would be more, allow about £75 +vat per additional point fancy fittings extra
These would be at first fix stage after 2nd fix costs may well escalate for any extras.
I hope this is helpful
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Answered 11th Sep 2011

A total rewire means just that.
1ST FIX) All old cables disconnected and removed from property,old fuse board removed,all new cabling to
sockets,lights,light switches,new back boxes fitted,earthing to gas,water,oil services,cooker circuit,shower,depending on your requirements,you may want to consider smoke alarms interlinked plus a heat detector for kitchen,extractor fans for bathroom and kitchen,and outside lights etc.

2ND FIX) All sockets and switches etc fitted following plastering.

As for what is included that depends on what you and the electricians agreed.

Please make sure you check your electrician is able to certify under Part P.

As for the cost,thats impossible to say without seeing the property first.Just remember cheapest isn't always best and you do get what you pay for.

Hope this helps.


Answered 11th Sep 2011

A total rewire is exactly that. Everything is ripped out and new cables installed to every new socket, light and whatever else you require, be it smoke detectors, alarm system, TV points, telephone points, immersion heater, cooker, shower, garden power, etc. And a new 17th edition consumer unit would be included. Now for a price - how long is a piece of string? It would be impossible to give an accurate price, but based on an average 3 bed house, it should be between £3,000 & £4,000 for an empty property with making good done by others.
But please note that 10 fire rated downlighters, 6 TV points and 5 telephone points is above average! Also, 2 interlinked smoke alarms is not enough - there must be heat detectors in the kitchen, lounge and garage and smoke detectors in the hall and on the landing
Make sure that your electrician is a registered domestic installer and that he provides full part P certification, otherwise you could fall foul of the local council and face a hefty fine


Answered 11th Sep 2011

If you are doing a full rewire, all electrical points in the property will need to have new wires pulled to it. The price will reflect the spec of the property.
Smoke alarms should be installed in the property but if you have not put on the spec, the electrician might not of quoted for them.
Some floor boards need to be lifted and holes made in the ceiling if not replacing.
The fuse board is not the main part of a rewire, the wiring is!!
Fuseboards can vary from £250-£500 depending on size and location.
Hope this helps.
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Answered 11th Sep 2011

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