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When should i pay an agreed staged payment

Hi All,
I've just started an extension project in the £30k range, and I've already paid a 5% deposit and then a following 20% for the start of works. We're 2 days in, and I've just received an invoice for a further 20% for the "completion of the foundations", which is payable within the next 7 days. Am I within my rights to hold payment until the foundations are 'completed' as per the agreed description of this staged payment? I would expect this stage to be signed off by the building inspectors as well, so I would also like to wait for that and piece of mind. Does this seem unreasonable?
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Hi jd_75,
Yes you are correct in assuming this stage needs to be signed off by building
control. They should have been out to inspect the ground type, suitable depth of foundation dig to reach solid ground, and if there are any surrounding trees in the root zone to warrant the excavated trenches to be taken below root levels. All this info will be on your building control officers notes at your local council planning office.
The completion of 'foundations' is when the concrete is poured. This is usually a quick procedure, as to avoid the trenches collapsing.
The next stage is the building of the 'footings'. Brickwork/blockwork up to DPC (damp proof course on top of walls), building control will want to inspect the dpc as well. Its at this stage we take our first payment.
I would advise you to ask your builder to update and notify you on when build control are coming and how the visit went. Then you will pay the invoice. If you don't have it already, I would ask for a detailed written breakdown of all phases and payments.
They are probably just giving you plenty of time to have the invoice.


Answered 8th Jul 2015

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