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Internal overflow conversion

We had a close coupled toilet installed about 10 years ago and the overflow pipe was never connected. The plumber had drilled into the main stack and located the overflow almost flush with the underside of the cistern.

To redrill the stack would be a big problem as we would need to take out the toilet, break the tiling out which would be unlikely we could still find a tile to match. I have tried finding a flexible hose to connect between the underside of the overflow 25mm thredded outlet which is located directly beneath the cistern and the pipe from the stack, but unfortunately the bending radius is too tight to acheive a downward flow.

I understand that conversion kits are available to allow internal overflow direct into the pan but have read that these come with a lever or push button and some people have had to grind out the lever hole for this to fit.

My cistern has a push down short lever that is located on the right hand end nearest the stack wall and not on the front or top like many toilets.

Could someone please tell me if this type of kit would be suitable or what you would recommended to resolve this. Buying a new cistern with internal overflow is a last option. The toilet has never overflowed since we have had it but sods law can happen.

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About 11 years ago the laws on toiler overflows changed and the overflow pipe was no longer needed, if the toilet cistern overflowed the water would run through the siphon and into the toilet pan.
Put a bucket under the overflow outlet and overfill the cistern if it runs into the toiler pan then no need to do anything more, if it runs into the overflow pipe try extending the pipe higher inside the cistern and try again if you still have a problem change the siphon and block of the overflow pipe and try again.
All toilets supplied after the year 2000 do not require overflows.
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Answered 11th Sep 2011

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Answered 31st Jan 2013

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