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Fusebox rcd query

I'm having downlights installed in my bathroom that I understand is notifiable work and that requires RCD protection. The electrician who looked at my 80s fusebox said that it did not have RCD but after it was removed I see it had one of these:
So is what he said correct and did the fusebox need to be replaced?

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The Fuse rating on That RCBO is quite High. it should be 6 amp or 10 amp. If the RCBO Trips within the limited of the current Regulations then it does not need replacing.


Answered 7th Jul 2015

Difficult to say, really need to see a photo of the whole fusebox. It could well be that the RCBO was just protecting the sockets circuit previously?


Answered 7th Jul 2015


The unit is an RCBO, it protects a single circuit, it is unlikely that it was protecting the bathroom lighting circuit, more than probably it was protecting a socket circuit.

Changing a consumer unit is notifiable work to local building control. Hopefully you have used a registered electrician that will notify on your behalf, it is a criminal offence not to notify.


Answered 7th Jul 2015

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