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I have had gas fire removed and would like to install multifuel stove

My home is approx. 100yrs old. I have had gas fire removed and wish to install multifuel stove. The fire place is decaying loose rubble at base.i would like to have brick firreplace built if possible. Can anyone advise on clearances required around stove also possible costs, which tradesmen i require and in which order or if it would be more practical and cost effective to to find one company which can do all work

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Firstly, you MUST have the flue checked, chimney fires are very dangerous as you don't know they're going on until it is too late, also fumes leaking under floors can be fatal. Relining a chimney is not cheap, but normally essential for solid fuels. Twin wall liners are the best, as inflated sock forms do not always centre on irregular shaped flues.
With some work your existing Chimney can be extended to accommodate any stove, clearances are not especially necessary and vary with each model, but would recommend a hearth at least 24"(60cm) infront of a stove for cleaning purposes.

Regards Simon


Answered 12th Sep 2011

The work needed, can be done by one individual or company as long as they have the experience and best if they are HETAS certified to ensure compliance. Sometimes the fire recess is built by one company and the stove installer will have to undo all the work to make sure it complies.
The hearth is easy and can be slate, marble, tile or any non combustible material. The fire recess generally needs clearance of minimum 100mm from stove if there are no combustible materials. This insures adequate air flow around the fire to dissipate the heat into the room. However consideration must be given to the type of stove and flue that will be installed.
As a rule of thumb an installation that includes some chimney work, Flue installation, hearth, Fire surround and stove installation should cost no more than £1500 - £2000. That does not include the cost of the Multifuel stove.


Answered 17th Sep 2012

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