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Repair badly fitted front door?

our front door is wooden and has been really badly fitted. There's quite a gap laong the bottom, which lets drafts through. Is there any way that a door like this can be repaired by packing out the bottom/adding additional wood? Or is it better to get a new door and have it expertly fitted?

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Hi Pam
Yes you can remove the door and add an extra piece of timber to the bottom you need a Carpenter. If you were to replace the existing door with a new door you would need a Carpenter to fit it properly, so you may as well get him in to check if it is more economical to repair or replace.
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Answered 11th Sep 2011


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Hi Pam, sorry about your door. There are a number of draughtproof solutions available. Firstly it depends on type of threshold, the basic braughtexcluder which is fitted on inside of door is very cheap and effective, and easily fitted by anyone who can wield a screwdriver and junior hacksaw. If your door sill has a weatherbar let into it then an adhesive draughtstrip can be fitted to rebate on underside of door. There are very good adhesive brush strips available.The door may also close against a wood stripon the sill, you could use adhesive on that too, and all round frame.Without seeing how big the gap is I can't say for sure your best course of action. If you have no sill at all, then fix a piece of oak or sapele hardwood on the floor for the door to close against. Also make sure you have a weatherboard fitted on door too .If none of this makes sense to you,
then get a carpenter off this site to come and advise you.Good luck.

Answered 11th Sep 2011

Bates Carpentry and Building

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Hi Pam,

I agree with Bates Carpentry, it's impossible to say without seeing it. If you can post a would help. Unless it's completely bodged, it probably could be repaired some way or another. If it's a cheap door, it maybe worth replacing and getting a chippy to fit it.

Good Luck

Answered 11th Sep 2011

Rebel Carpenter

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